They Have Done It Again!

By Noah Thompson, Senior Manager, Special Projects & Information Systems

A.S.P. employees are always on the lookout for ways to improve the experience of passengers and Customers that they serve. Whether in the Security or Passenger Service, our team does an incredible job each and every day.

An example of this exemplary service came in the form of a passenger commendation:

Left to right: Krunal Vala (PSA Lead), Zaeem Ghaffar (CSR), Kavita Nagar (Nieuport Aviation)

“On June 16, after Elliot and I had arrived from Newark, N.J., Zaeem Ghafaar noticed that we were trying to find our way at the airport and offered to help guide us. At the time he was on his way to have lunch. We arrived at the lounge/area where my friend’s daughter was supposed to meet him. She was not there, and I had to go at the time to board a connecting flight to Montreal, but Mr. Ghafaar told me not to worry, and that he would stay and help Elliott to find his contact. Later that evening, when I called Elliott he told me how your employee had stayed with him until they found his ride. Mr. Ghafaar’s help and concern went far beyond the call of duty, and all the while he did this with a professional, friendly and caring manner. He was, in a word, superlative. To add credibility to my observation, I should mention that I worked for twenty years in the communications department for a large airline.

…… This fine example of customer care ……. As I’m sure you realize, this kind of instinct and concern is not learned in training sessions, but is a mark of the involved person’s character.

Best regards, Mike”

Zaeem was recognized for his service by our supervisory team at Billy Bishop Airport and rewarded for his incredible passion for the passengers.

This is a shining example of just how much our team cares. Well done, Zaeem!

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