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Congratulations, Steve Coulcher! Steve moved to Canada in 2012 from England.

He had been part of the British Military and was very nervous of this life-changing move. Steve didn’t think he would be able to work as a dog trainer, something he had dedicated his career to in the British Military. He was lucky to find work with a number of security companies, but his passion was always to work as a trainer. As he began to adjust to life in a new country, Steve was told about a security company that was looking to start a Canine Unit! He could barely contain his excitement! 

This was it – his chance to reignite the career he loved so much! Steve was selected to join the elite unit and became the first operational handler for the A.S.P. Canine Unit in May 2015 at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The original five handlers quickly passed the basic handler’s course and became a strong team working together.

The transition to handler was not difficult for someone who had the skill set and experience like Steve. However, the toughest transition wasn’t as a handler, but adapting to a role outside of the military environment. It took time for him to understand the differences in managing, working and operating in a non-military role. His ability as a handler and the standards he set were excellent; every day he was learning more and more on working with his peers in a “civilian” role.

Steve was part of our Canine Unit, as it grew from Aviation to add important Commercial clients. We have added Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) and El-Al Airlines to our original contract and we continue to look for greater opportunities.

Steve and our team have had so many proud moments with A.S.P. Many firsts as a team and Canine Unit, but recently Steve was selected for the Canine Unit Trainer position. His hard work and long hours helped him to achieve this promotion. His dream of working with a Canine Unit came to life.

Congrats Steve on your hard work and dedication to A.S.P. It has been an excellent transition into his new role, with the help of our full Canine Unit. Every member of our team has been exceptional in helping Steve with his new role. I look forward to seeing our Canine Unit continue to grow and of course to see many of you interested in becoming a handler grow with us too!! This unit truly hires for the personality and trains for the job.

Steve Coulcher and Canine Partner SASCHA.
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