Crossword Puzzle

OSR Agent Zhenzhen Gu creates word puzzles as a family past-time with her son and daughter.

The Gu family has even created programs to write the some of the complex puzzles, including cryptograms and crossword puzzles.

Zhenzhen asked us if we would be interested in featuring her family’s puzzles in our monthly internal OSR News Letter. ASP ran the family’s puzzles for three months.

We experienced such great feedback from our team that we  decided to work with Zhenzhen to create an ASP Puzzle Book for the travelling public. These free-of-charge Kids Puzzle Books will feature colouring pages and puzzles themed to Canada and World Travelling.

Up for the challenge? Give one of Zhenzhens’ crosswords a try!

Crossword: Canada’s
Provinces and Territories

  1. Picture Province (two words)
  2. Beautiful (two words)
  3. Canada’s Ocean Playground (two words)
  4. Je me souviens
  5. Home of “Anne of Green Gables” (three
  6. Land of the Midnight Sun
  7. Wild Rose Country
  8. Canada’s Arctic (two words)
  9. Canada’s Happy Province (three words)
  10. Friendly
  11. Land of Living Skies
  12. Where polar bears, inuksuks, Northern
    Lights and stars are
  13. Yours to Discover
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