Our Culture

"Security Matters"™

A Company Culture that Unites People, Places, Processes and Technology

We believe a company culture cannot be bought or enforced; we believe it must be created one person at a time through active employee engagement demonstrated by leadership, which behaves with honesty and integrity. Fundamental to the culture at ASP is empowerment, communication and understanding. The culture established at ASP fosters an environment that naturally lends itself to the development of a proactive security force and allows us to adapt and intertwine with the unique environments and cultures headquartered with our clients.

As we continue to manage, operate and adapt through these unprecedented and extremely challenging times, the ASP leadership team wanted to express how much we truly value the contributions of our employees in maintaining our business and extend our most heartfelt appreciation.  Keeping in mind the need to maintain physical distancing standards, we felt the best way to do so, would be to prepare a video to recognize and thank you for your adaptability, support and the excellent work that you do every day. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every one of us as we experienced unprecedented levels of uncertainty, change and disruption in both our work and daily lives.  If there is a silver lining in this tragic pandemic, it is that you – our employees have responded and adapted to the COVID-19 situation in extraordinary ways.  Because of you, ASP has been able to continue to operate and we will come out of this crisis a stronger and more resilient organization.  

At ASP, our philosophy unites people, places, processes and technology by focusing on our most important resource, people.

A culture of health and safety

Our detailed policies, procedures, practices, training and supervision are all designed to keep our employees safe. Whether provincially or federally regulated, ASP endeavours to ensure that our staff operates in the safest environments.

A culture of customer service

Committed transparent and responsive, we have a proven track record of quickly responding to new or changing requirements, as well as urgent and unforeseen challenges, emergency or security related demands, unanticipated risks or threats and regulatory changes. Providing customer service excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

A culture of innovation and technology

As part of our commitment of adding unique value propositions to our services and for our clients, we augment our service programs with demonstrable, effective technology solutions that are delivered through in-house or procured technologies to give clients a deeper view and understanding of what matters to them in their security programs.

A philosophy of integrity

Our teams are trained to accept responsibility, lead through example with that example being selecting the high road under any and all conditions.

A culture of being a highly responsive organization

Committed to clients and employees alike, our philosophy is to provide an immediate response to any and all inquiries. We mobilize resources quickly, ensuring that our clients achieve their immediate and long-term security goals whether that be heightened risk conditions or reduced threat levels. At ASP, we are capable of responding to emergency situations with less than 45 minutes notice.

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