Have You Thanked a Security Guard?

By Darren Scott, Resource Coordinator

All strategies are important when training and developing a great Security Guard; the one that is often most forgotten is saying “Thank you”.

Saying thank you to a good security guard accomplishes two things. First, it shows that you have recognized the guard’s specific accomplishments, behaviors, or actions. Second, saying thank you also shows your appreciation for those same

Benefits of Thanking a Good Security Guard

Outside of being the right thing to do, there
are many benefits to saying thank you. Here
are just a few:

  1. Higher morale. Being a security
    guard can be a thankless job
    sometimes. Recognizing and
    acknowledging a guard’s work will
    engage and motivate.
  2. Improved relationships.
    Improving relationships between a
    good security guard and clients, or
    your coworkers, is essential
    in providing great service. When
    there is a good relationship guards are
    more likely to go above and beyond
    the call of duty.
  3. Improved bottom line for all. By
    recognizing and showing appreciation
    to a good security guard, you are
    creating a win-win situation for all
    parties. Guards will become better
    ambassadors for employees and
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