Training at YYC

By David Ramlagan, Interim Training Coordinator, Calgary International Airport

As the interim Training Coordinator for the new contract at Calgary International Airport (YYC), I was not sure what challenges lay ahead of me. 

I was both anxious and excited at the same time. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I was greeted with warm, genuine smiles from employees with various companies at the airport. I was pleasantly surprised by traffic enforcement personnel who asked me if I needed any help with me having to approach them. Some employees wear cowboy hats as part of their uniform which was a great way to showcase the Calgarian culture.

If someone leaves their car on the curbside for too long, an automated announcement is made, asking for the driver to return to his/her vehicle.

YYC is a pet-friendly airport where dogs do not have to be caged in the terminal. There are also volunteers who take dogs around the boarding gates for the passengers to pet for stress reduction. I realized that CalgaryAirport has something very special in terms of hospitality.

The security employees that I trained were very accommodating and acted no differently from the general hospitable culture at the airport. I felt welcome and not like an
outsider when interacting with the transitioning security staff.

Best of all, I know they are in good hands with the ASP Management team in Calgary. 

Andie Thompson in administration is always pleasant, approachable and shows a genuine care for the best interest of employees. Zac Veness in Training is a walking wealth of knowledge and has earned the respect of our YYC clients. Ray Labelle is the Calgary Operations Manager for ASP and we could not have found a better person to deliver the ASP vision to the Calgary Airport Authority.

I am proud to welcome the Calgary security staff members to the ASP family. I have met each one and I am confident they will strengthen our image and reputation.

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