Special Thank You to the ASP Family

By Cliff Sampogna, Regional Manager RIES/CIC Division

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone in my division.

Over the last 18 months, we have experienced some extreme changes at levels from the senior management to the front-line team in the field. These changes have helped change the ASP image in the market and have elevated us to a level where we are a provider of choice.

The only reason we have been able to achieve this is because the team has worked tirelessly to make sure we maintain the high level of service that our clients have come to expect of us.

I want to send a personal thank you to Asad Abbas, Mike, Moledzki, Hardeep Khaneja, Henry Chanthanong, John Gangasingh and Lisa Marsan. This is the team that has sacrificed immensely over the last year to make sure we pushed through the difficult tasks and to make sure our team is supported. You guys have shown true dedication and passion and are an example of what true leadership and leading the vision through example.

I also want to recognize our supervisory and our front- line staff as well. The management team is regularly recognized for the successes of the organization but the supervisors and the front-line people are the reason we are all here. Without all of the hard work and dedication to what you do, we wouldn’t be able to have the reputation that we currently have in the marketplace. Every member of the ASP family on the front line has shown me that they not only care about their job, but also care about ASP and because of this, I am so proud of each and every one of you.

As the manager of this team, I can honestly say that I am the luckiest person, because I not only get to work with such amazing people, but I also get to be a part of a very unique team that shares the same vision at all levels.

I want to personally thank everyone one of you for everything you do and I sincerely appreciate all that you do. I am looking forward to an amazing 2019 with all of you.

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