Client and Passenger Commendations for the OSR Team!

By Danna Hazanovsky, Service Delivery Manager, OSR

The OSR team at Toronto Pearson does an excellent job each day ensuring that our passengers are treated with exceptional customer service and leave our airport with a great impression.

We have many examples of our team working together and executing flawlessly to deliver an exceptional passenger experience.

Here is a small showcase of some of the written commendations we have received over the last few months:

“We encountered a medical today at the T1 SPIL area during the afternoon peaks. A 14-year-old boy was in serious distress. Two individuals from the OSR team: Carl Lynn Salcedo and Rakesh Bhardwaj responded well to my “demanding” voice, given the situation. They were able to quickly respond, by creating a barrier with stanchions for the family while maintaining movement of the heavy passenger flow trying to stop and view the situation. Carl Lynn was able to locate a doctor in the SPIL queueing at my request in record time… it may have made the difference for this youngster!!” – GTAA Terminal Services Representative

“The operation was flawlessly executed today. Despite heavy Transborder and local connections, OSR Manager Zapata, Jason and OSR Supervisor Matharu, Jasmeet did a fantastic job in ITPC and CBP.”- GTAA Terminal Services Representative

Ms. Shanna saved my day! Every year I travel to the United Arab Emirates to visit my father in Dubai. I have never missed a holiday with my father. However, this year I almost lost this traditional meeting due to an employee error/oversight made by an airline employee.

Upon my arrival at Toronto International Airport, I proceeded to my next gate, but was quickly advised that I could not go to Dubai because I did not have a Visa. The airline employee insisted that I would have to apply for a Visa in order to proceed with my trip to Dubai. I insisted that this information was not accurate.

The Agent glared at me and told me I don’t specialize in Visa services, and that I should never assume anything. The agent then handed me a piece of paper with the website information and told me to go over there and apply for a Visa online.

I was in shock. I was speechless and in tears. I was asking myself, HOW could I have allowed this to happen? How could I have not known that I needed a Visa for the UAE this year?

In tears, I went to the corner by the kiosks and proceeded to find the website on my cell phone that the airline just gave me.

That’s when two customer service agents through A.S.P. Inc. Security (Ms. Shanna and another young lady) noticed me and immediately came to my rescue.

Ms. Shanna consoled me and assured me that everything would be alright. Ms. Shanna then walked me over to the other side to speak with a different agent through the airline. The other agent apologized for her colleague’s mistake and confirmed that a 30-day Visa is granted upon arrival. The airline agent then proceeded to print my boarding pass and apologized once again for her colleague’s oversight.

Ms. Shanna went above and beyond the call of duty today. If it wasn’t for Ms. Shanna, I would have missed my flight to Dubai to see my Dad.

Most of the time, companies will promise excellent customer service, but often fail to deliver what they promise to the customer, but A.S.P. Inc. fulfilled their promise by providing a positively unforgettable resolution to my dilemma.

Thank you SO much. The initiative Ms. Shanna took today on my behalf was phenomenal. Thank You, A.S.P. Inc.”
Passenger Remarks

Often small gestures of great service go unnoticed, but it is important to celebrate when the client or passengers go the extra mile and write in to our management to recognize members of our team. We are looking forward to additional excellent interactions and feedback from our passengers and the GTAA!

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