Michelle Roy, Site Supervisor, St. Lawrence Market

By Mike Moledzki, Service Delivery Manager, Residential/Commercial Division

I wanted to take this time to introduce a Site Supervisor worthy of getting to know: Michelle Roy.

Michelle has been with ASP since November 2018 and she has taken on the role of Site Supervisor at St. Lawrence Market.
She has shown great leadership and dependability for the past four months, with praise from both her coworkers and client. We have definitely chosen the right person for this job. She has over nine years of experience in the security industry and it shows on every shift.

In 1991, she enlisted in the Queens Own Rifles as a Private, where she served as admissions assistant. She then worked with Toronto Police as a co-op student, learning valuable lessons from both experiences, whether it was defusing a tense situation, or using her customer service experience to help a customer or tenant.

Michelle has made a big impact and she shows it with a great ability in creating a comfortable and calming environment at St. Lawrence Market. She leads by example to all guards working at this location, by always being ready to put in the extra time when the site needs the help without a second thought, by creating procedures and standards for her guards to use when she is not on site, and by always being available for questions when she is not on the clock.

Michelle Roy, ASP Site Supervisor, St. Lawrence Market (City of Toronto)

Her leadership has not gone unnoticed, Michelle has put in her time and shown great promise. Great job, Michelle!!

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