OSR News

By Noah Thompson, Senior Customer Service Manager

The ASP Customer Service Team is tasked with providing world-class customer service to the travelling public at three major international airports in Canada. That is not where our job stops.

In many types of service disruptions, our team has stepped up and assisted where we were not normally required. On Sunday March 17, 2019, an electrical fire filled Toronto Pearson’s Terminal 1 CNX Level with smoke. Our OSR Agents posted in this area not only stayed back to assist, they maintained the safety and security of the airport by updating the passengers as they received information and helped to lead a calm evacuation in a high-stress situation.

Svitlana Portnova, OSR Agent

Adding to this, one of our OSR Agents, Svitlana Portnova relied on her training as a nurse to assist a passenger with an asthma attack, due to the poor breathing conditions in the area at that time.

Team work and job dedication were paramount in the successful handling of this emergency. Great Work, Team!!!!!

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