11 Commercial Security Service Tactics That’ll Keep Your Property Safe

Having a commercial security service means keeping your property safer and keeping your customers safer. There are certain tactics that are specifically used

What if your most valuable investment was at risk every night?

Wondering how such a service can meet your needs? Here are a few of the key tactics they will use to keep your property safe!

Controlled Access

Your business properties may be in danger of theft, property damage, and other calamities. And the only way to be sure your property is safe is to use a commercial security service.

Wondering what commercial security can do for your property? To start with, they will limit access to only authorized individuals.

This may include things like password-based electronic systems or fancier solutions such as biometrics. The end result is that no unauthorized personnel will be able to gain access to your property.

Even if you already have access control, a commercial security team may be able to identify its weak points and recommend a more robust solution. After all, relying on outdated access control means you are inviting thieves inside your property.

Improved Lighting

Speaking of thieves, they usually like to keep things simple. That means sticking to the shadows, which is why most corporate robberies happen during the evening.

One of the simpler security tactics the team may use is to improve lighting inside and outside the building. The ultimate goal is simple: you want to make it hard for anyone to skulk around in the darkness and plan their next move.

And as simple as it sounds, keep in mind that good lighting serves as a major deterrent to would-be thieves. If they have an option between your well-lit property and another, they are more likely to go after the other guy!

Better Signage

Along with better lighting, a good security service can help you to improve your signage. This can reduce theft and even lead to a workspace that is much safer.

For example, signs may warn people about your surveillance measures and other active security measures. By making everyone aware of how seriously you take security, you minimize the chances of anyone trying something.

Signage can also clearly indicate which areas are off-limits to non-employees. This may keep people from getting lost or even getting hurt in a way that might open you up to legal action.

At the Gates

Earlier, we talked about the benefits of access control. One of the best ways to enhance that control is to add security gates to a property.

The idea is to have gates (ideally multiple gates) manned by security personnel. And anyone who wants access to your buildings must pass through inspection first.

This alone is a very powerful deterrent, which is why it is used on military bases around the world. And it also means that you will have trained personnel inspecting every vehicle and person coming through, increasing the odds that anything dangerous will be discovered and confiscated.

Hide the Valuables

Pop quiz: what are the most valuable things in your office?

Many of us take the security of our workspace for granted. And that means we end up leaving valuable items out where anyone could easily take them.

A good commercial security team can help to identify valuable property and information and store it in a safe and accessible way. They specialize in “defensive thinking”: make it hard for someone to get in and even harder for them to find something.

Unless you have security training, then your properties are going to be vulnerable. But you can hire experts who can make everything much safer.

Mobile Surveillance

Surveillance has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Once, you would have to review grainy VHS tapes in the morning to see if there was an incident. Now, you can view an active feed on your smartphone with just the press of a button.

Unfortunately, there are many different mobile surveillance options available. These range from ultra-secure to devices you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

A commercial security service can help you obtain the best surveillance technology and applications. Furthermore, they can link everything up to your phone so that you have security control no matter where you go!

Card Access

Earlier, we talked about the importance of access control. In addition to things like biometrics, the security team can help to install specialized card readers in the most sensitive areas of your building.

This helps create a kind of security redundancy: a thief who can make it past one layer of security may be tripped up when they encounter the next layer.

And card readers are good because you can severely limit who gets access cards. If anything is stolen from those areas, you have an immediate short list of potential thieves!

Motion Sensors

As you may or may not know, most modern security systems link together. So, on top of the other measures, a security service can link everything to motion sensors.

Exterior lighting, for instance, may blaze on when the system detects motions. This gives the impression that someone is actively monitoring the area, creating a further deterrent.

Furthermore, you can receive smartphone alerts when motion is detected in certain areas. This lets you take a more active role in the security and defense of your property.

Improved Data Security

So far, we have focused primarily on physical security. This includes building access, valuable property, and so on.

However, the most valuable thing inside most businesses is the data you have collected and compiled. And if you’re not careful, this is also the most vulnerable part of the office.

Modern commercial security teams are skilled in all aspects of data security. They can help to reinforce your existing measures while also installing better safeguards where needed.

The final result is a property that is safe, both inside and out!

Commercial Security Service: The Bottom Line

Now you know what a commercial security service can do for you. But do you know who you can turn to for the best service?

At ASP Security Services, we protect residential and commercial properties of any size. To see how we can make your investments safer, reach out and contact us today!

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