Written by Cliff Sampogna

Within the security industry, there is always room for growth and new opportunities with new business and sites.

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the ASP family for the growth within the Residential and Commercial division again.

In June, we were advised that we were awarded a new contract with the City of Toronto. This contract was awarded for two of the four Crossing Guard zones within the city of Toronto. This contract brings with it about 320-340 new employees. This was a big win for us as we can showcase our high level of service in a specialized area that we would like to grow in. We will be starting this contract on September 3, 2019.

This contract was awarded to us due to our reputation and hard work that our field staff have done over the last several years at our sites. This is a testament of how important it is to always maintain a professional image and attitude.

This contract has provided us with another unique vertical market as we will be providing security at the client’s cross walks in the North and West parts of GTA.

I wanted to welcome all the incumbent and new staff as we transition this contract and bring a large amount of intellectual capital on board through the highly experienced crossing guards. The teams support and willingness to help has been a big part of the successes we are currently having had early in this contract and transition.

We have several projects in the works and I am looking forward to the continued growth within our ASP family and to see where we can take this in the future.

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