Top Trained Explosive Detection Canines in High Demand

They protect us from threats at public events, airports, government agencies and they're man's best friend. Let's pay homage to the K9 who sniffs for safety.


Sniffing for Safety: K9 Fast Facts and Statistics

Here’s a fun fact about k9 security dogs: Babylonians, Greeks, and Assyrians were the first to have guard dogs. In their ancient cultures, guard dogs were used to protect treasures and tombs. Similarly, k9 security is used in the modern day to protect us from so much.

Security services using canines for protection know that these dogs are very extraordinary. They can detect drugs, explosives and have a lot of interesting things about them. Learn more about k9 security and how much of a service these beautiful creatures are!

K9 Are Scent Detectives

Primarily known as detection dogs, a k9 is trained to pick up on targeted scents and raise the alarm if they do. Those scents can be from a vast selection of things from drugs to firearms. And thanks to a k9 security’s keen sense of smell, they can detect these scents almost immediately.

Some of the main scents k9’s are trained to identify include:

  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Cash
  • Criminal evidence
  • Miscellaneous contraband
  • Nothing Gets By Their Noses

Aside from detecting and alerting others about smells, k9 security dogs are able to point out scents that are being masked by odors. Dogs can smell in layers and use this to their advantage when trained to be a k9. They are taught to discern between an organic scent and a scent that is either hidden, buried, or otherwise masked.

They are also capable of telling the difference between multiple smells or multiple ingredients. Their nose will pick up on even the faintest chemical and can call it out immediately. This makes them the most thorough for sniffing out targeted scents in large arenas or busy locations.

They Make The Best Security

You would be surprised at how amazing a dog’s nose really is. Their sense of smell is far sharper than other animals or even humans. Their superior scent detection means they can also search areas much faster than humans too.

Their accuracy makes them very effective bomb detectors. Tons of research goes into the development of multiple security methods, including security companies in Toronto. But nothing has proven more effective than k9 security services.

Their Breeds Are Made For The Job

Plenty of breeds are perfect for the role of a k9. A few include Labradors and Spaniels but the official breed for k9 security are German Shepards. They were the first breed police officers used in World War 1, World War 2 and the Vietnam War.

This is likely due to their undeniable intelligence and ability to be trained to obey commands. German Shepards are notorious for their incredible work ethic. They are also known to display the following qualities:

Sociability — K9’s are sociable enough to be handled by people with ease. But they should not be so sociable that it distracts them from tasks. The presence of people should not throw them off.

Environmental Stability — K9’s won’t nervousness or hesitation around loud or strange noises. They show physical rigor regardless of working in very hot or very cold environments. They are also bold and capable of walking or climbing onto strange surfaces.

Desire to Earn Rewards — K9’s are driven to earn a reward for all of their hard work. They have to want that reward more than anything else. Food is not usually used as a reward since it is hard for handlers to carry and having too much food could confuse the dog.

Hunting Ability — K9’s have an intense drive and are motivated to continue hunting regardless if they find something. They must be trained not to show frustration or give any false alerts.

More Than Just Security Dogs

Nowadays, k9 dogs are specifically trained to become more than security. Given their incredible ability to not be distracted during searches, they make amazing seeing dogs. Using their keen sense of smell, they can alert their owners of what’s ahead of them.

K9 security dogs, however, provide a unique sense of security by simply being there. People, criminals included, can normally sense what k9s are capable too. Making it easier for k9 security to focus on any job that is in front of them.

A k9 has a different process to identify people, however, still relying on their sense of smell. They start by using their nose to test their surroundings. Then they move on to voice recognition and then to people’s silhouettes.

A k9 security dog can even tell the difference between identical twins. The go along the same process of identifying who is who and can always sniff out the difference.

You Can Trust K9 Security

Some of the best security guard companies in Toronto house and train the best k9 dogs around. They focus on matching dogs with the right handlers based on personality and lifestyle traits. These dogs are trained for six to eight weeks for initial training and certification.

Once deployed, k9 security can finally begin. The k9 dogs are trained throughout their careers on a regular basis with their handlers. They are also tested from time to time to maintain their certifications.

Good k9 security is driven by protecting others from harm. You can find out more about detection dogs or canine patrol services and have any of your questions answered by a professional security company. To have a deeper understanding of the training process for k9 dogs or how to secure your surroundings through their services, check out our website today!

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