Dealing with the Media

By Darren Scott, Resource Coordinator

As an employee of ASP and due to the nature of our business, you may find yourself facing the media.

If you are in front of the media during an event or a crisis and appear rude, unsympathetic and insecure, that can damage the reputation of ASP and our clients. If you come across as calm and collected or even apologetic, you can enhance ASP and our client’s reputations.

How can we get it right? Prepare, because media likes controversy and may take advantage of individuals who seem unsure and unprepared. Preparing is having a strategy in mind when dealing with a crisis and media may be present. If you are in a situation, small or large, and the media is present, you can follow these tips to help ASP as a brand and uphold our client’s reputation.

  1. Stay calm and professional.

Talking to a reporter can be difficult. Keep your responses light; don’t make jokes as you may be quoted out of context. Remember the reporter is looking to make news from what you say.

Stick to confirmed facts and don’t offer more information than required. Most importantly, act normal and relax to avoid sounding insincere or unsympathetic. Offer reassurance to all people involved whether it be the media, staff or coworkers. First impressions matter, so speak clearly and confidently.

2. Never say anything you wouldn’t want published.

There is no such thing as ‘off-the-record’ when talking with a reporter. Anything you say can be used without permission to publish online or print. Be accurate and truthful in everything you say. If you are unsure, decline to respond. Example: “I do not have that information”.

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