Rising Star – Preetam Sathyanathan

By Natasha Stephenson-Belle, Manager, Resource Planning

This month’s Resource Planning rising star is Preetam Sathyanathan. Preetam started his career with ASP as a guard in November 2016.

With his continued hard work and dedication, Preetam progressed into the role as an airside supervisor in November 2017. With this position, Preetam was able to obtain gainful experience working independently and motivating his team and colleagues. Preetam has continued to push further in his career with ASP, and became a Resource Planner in May 2019.

As Preetam continues to excel within ASP, our Resource Planning team is happy to welcome Preetam to our department. His eagerness and dedication to ensure that we are fully staffing to all of our client requirements on a daily basis has definitely been a tremendous asset to our scheduling team. Welcome to the team, Preetam!

  • Category: Employee Spotlight