Tips for Advancement in ASP

By David Ramlagan, Training Coordinator, Aviation Security

I have met many employees within our organization with tremendous talent and who may not be working in a position to meet their fullest potential.

ASP is a growing company and with growth comes opportunity. Promoting from within is preferred, but the challenge is identifying the right candidate. Below are a few tips on how to get noticed for the purpose of career advancement.

  1. Start with the Basics
    Basic qualities like punctuality and deportment may not seem like something an employer would focus on when it comes to escalated positions. But these are deal breaking factors that set a strong impression and stay in an employer’s mind for quite a while. No matter how skilled you are, management will have little confidence in your capability if you can’t do the basics.
  2. Take Ownership
    Would you do your job any differently if you actually owned ASP? Because an owner is more invested in the success of the company, they tend to go the extra mile – for example, creating a process to make things easier or even just cleaning out a locker that has months of old documents in it. Some workers take the initiative, while some others just turn a blind eye and have the “not my problem” mentality. It is easy for employers to see which workers have taken ownership of their job.
  3. Impress with Reports
    Managers and clients tend to look at incident reports very closely. If you are involved in an incident and are requested to complete a report, remember that you now have a captive audience of people in a position who can contribute to your promotion. Be sure to include the 5 W’s and all relevant detail.
    You have an even greater opportunity to impress if you are involved in electronic reporting since these tend to get read by high-ranking individuals more often. Several ASP employees who excelled in reporting have moved over to GTAA Security.
  4. Keep in the Know
    There have been several coordinator, management and administration positions recently, with very few internal applications. You may not receive a notification when an opportunity within ASP arises, so it’s important to regularly check the careers section of the ASP Website. Salaried and non-salaried positions are found on the careers section of the website, while the hourly positions can be found by clicking on the “Internal Opportunities” link.
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