Customer Service

By Jim Catney, Vice-President, Aviation and Transportation

The ASP brand is continuing to develop and grow. When this organization started in 2001, the focus was on airside security requirements at Toronto Pearson Airport.

Now, our company is responsible for so much more; not just for aviation security and customer service in Toronto and other airports, but also at major arenas and stages, critical business structures and even your children’s daily crossing to and from school in two major areas of Toronto.

Each of these contracts has required specific technical elements and customization – that’s what helps us to get new business. But just as important as getting additional work is keeping it, and we do this by knowing our customers.

We know that our customers value attention to detail, dependability, promptness and competence. We know that they also want information shared readily and they want to know that we are doing all that we can to excel in the service we provide.

As Vice-President at ASP, I want to remind all of our employees that our customers aren’t just our external clients and their passengers/guests/tenants etc. We are each other’s customers. Your co-workers are your internal customers. Your peers want dependable colleagues who share information and treat each other with respect and understanding. The more that we can foster this culture in our own company, the better we will be at providing this to our external clients. I encourage you to consider this as you arrive to work each day and I promise that you will feel the positive returns from this effort.

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