Employee Spotlight: Josh Holowatenko

By Sean Gallagher, Recruitment Manager

Josh was originally hired as a Security Supervisor and as a result of his exceptional performance, he was then given the opportunity to join the recruitment side of the residential division.

Josh has been a member of the Residential and Commercial Recruitment Team for 8 months now. He has played such an integral role in not only maintaining their ongoing success, but also applying innovative ways to ensure the team is continuing to be proficient and at par with recruitment industry standards. Moreover, Josh brings to the team a wealth of knowledge in areas of security and business which he obtained through studying Investigations – Pubic and Private at Sheridan College.

Recently, Josh set his eye on the Human Resources side of the business and is eager to gain experience in any way he can. Considering his outstanding leadership qualities, coupled with his proven desire for constant personal growth, I have no doubt that he will excel swiftly and become a contributing asset to the HR team. This is why we hire for the personality and train for the job; it provides opportunities for continuous growth in every employee. Josh, thank you for your endless support and envious drive to strive for success, we are excited to see what your future holds with our team.

Josh Holowatenko interviews a candidate
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