RES/CIC is Moving!

Over the last couple of years, a lot of you have heard me talk about growth in the RES/CIC Division, which has led to great development within the organization. Our team has outgrown our current office location, so we have obtained a new office for the team.

By November 2019, we will be moving to a larger space that will allow us to continue accommodating the organization’s growth and to provide an even better experience for our employees.

The new space is going to allow us to provide a more structured and state-of-the-art training facility that will allow our field staff to receive even more robust training and knowledge through in-class training programs that are created in house.

The new location for our upcoming office space will be 200 Consumers Rd., Unit 900. This space is even more accessible to all staff, as it is available on the subway line, TTC bus lines, all highways going north, south, east and west which makes the team more accessible to the field staff.

We are looking forward to this move and we welcome you all to come visit us any time once we are moved into our new space.

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