Charity Fundraiser Gala for Shelter Movers

By Michael Moledzki, Training Coordinator - Residential/Commercial Division

On Thursday November 14th 2019, I was lucky enough to attend a special event with our client, Shelter Movers. Shelter Movers is a National Organization that provides free moving and storage services to women and children fleeing abuse.

This is such a great non-profit organization that we are teaming with. ASP RES/CIC provides security guards for each move. Guards are there to ensure that the movers and the family moving are protected and secure during such a critical time.

The event was called A Moving Affair: Expanding Horizons, and was hosted at Arcadian Court in the heart of downtown Toronto. It was held for the people that have put in all the long hours, and hard work to make sure their company is helping people for many years to come. It was also a night that saw 52 donations of $200 (cost of 1 family move) for the next year. I got to enjoy a great event of live music, dinner and drinks with friends. I also met a few awesome people, including Lucy DeCoutere (Trailer Park Boys) and Dwayne De Rosario (Canadian Soccer Legend).

If you would like to make a donation or volunteer on a move, please visit

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