Hardeep Khaneja Wins Dedication Award

By Natasha Stephenson-Belle, Manager, Resource Planning

Hardeep Khaneja joined the ASP family in 2007 as a security guard on the Residential contract – Ovation.  His growth in this role was tremendous.  He progressed into the supervision role because of his devotion to succeed, and most importantly, the support and guidance he offered his fellow colleagues.

In 2019, Hardeep continued his career progression into Resource Planning as a Scheduler.  Within Hardeep’s current position of Resource Planner, we consistently see his drive to not give up until the open shifts are staffed. 

From the moment he starts his commute to the office, Hardeep is often fully engaged with our front-line employees, asking them to deploy to locations that are short-staffed last minute, or to simply coach our guards on their duties for the day.  For this reason, you will often find Hardeep on his cell phone with his earpiece in, only hearing small bits of his conversation as he walks by.  There hasn’t been a moment when Hardeep has taken his break or lunch without scheduling guards or discussing a strategy for staffing. This is what he claims clears his head when he needs to regroup.

Every day, Hardeep comes into work to deliver. He is patient, respectful to all, and takes the time to listen to any concerns our guards might have.  If he doesn’t have the answer for them, he will take it upon himself to have the correct subject matter expert advise on the next steps for a resolution. 

Without hesitation, he sets the expectation for himself that ASP must exceed all client staffing needs daily.  Although these are standards that he has set for himself, without realizing it, he has established a higher benchmark of scheduling success for his fellow colleagues.  The rest of our team identifies this dedication in Hardeep, which we see as a benefit, as it drives our team to put in maximum efforts to cover shifts.

For 2019, Hardeep has been an outstanding employee who has been reliable due to his dedication to ASP’s success.  He is proud of our company and the contracts we service.  He has demonstrated great scheduling tactics last-minute, which has delivered us out of many challenging situations. 

Thank you for all your help and commitment to ASP, Hardeep!!  You are truly a great asset to our company.

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