Our Accounting Team is Expanding!

By Paul Parkinson, Director, Finance

I am happy to announce two new additions to the ASP Accounting team in Burlington! In August, we welcomed Mary Clair Zillmer. Mary Clair’s primary responsibility is invoicing and receivables collections. Mary Clair joined us with a wealth of experience and has already made an impact.

We also welcomed Shelly Matthews, who just joined the team on December 2 and is already off to a strong start in learning about ASP and its culture. Shelly too will be primarily focussed on receivables and providing backup where necessary.

With the rapid growth of the business and to meet the needs of our customers, both Mary Clair and Shelly are being trained for treating the customers with respect. Shelly and Mary Clair are maintaining the ASP rapid response standard and fostering continued great relations.

They join Sherrie Storimans and Giselle Lopes in our continued efforts in being a first-class Accounting team.

Mary Clair Zillmer 
Shelly Matthews

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