Preparing for Peak Holiday Travel Period

By Debbie Ciccotelli, Director, Strategic Initiative and Acting Manager, Human Resources

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – everywhere except at the airport. For most of us, the holiday season is a time of rejoicing and spending time with family and friends; however, it’s getting there that is often the most significant hassle.

To get to their holiday celebration, many people must endure the stress of holiday travel. With record high volumes expected at airports over the holiday travel season, combined with potentially bad weather, flight delays, long queues and wait times, as well as an increase in inexperienced travellers, our aviation employees must be prepared and committed to delivering exceptional customer service during this peak holiday season.

Today’s passengers have higher expectations for quality and service and Airport Authorities are committed to providing best-in-class passenger experiences. ASP employees (both Security and Customer Service) are Airport Ambassadors – we are in the business to serve and protect – it is what we do! Our staff will be dealing with higher volumes of passengers and greater pressure during the holiday season and our goal is to make each passenger’s journey more relaxed and less stressful by going the extra mile, wherever possible.

As Airport Ambassadors, we need to exhibit a positive, feel good energy that is consistent with the mood and theme of the holiday season and to understand and empathize with the stress and anxiety that passengers are experiencing.

We can do this by:

  • Greeting everyone with a warm welcome and a smile.
  • Maintaining a positive and cheerful attitude.
  • Listening and understanding passenger questions/concerns.
  • Being empathetic, patient and considerate.
  • Directing, assisting and supporting passengers in a professional, friendly and competent manner.
  • Not taking passenger frustration personally – look at it as an opportunity to turn their day around.

So, get into the holiday spirit, keep a smile on your face and possess a servant’s heart.

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