YSB Full Scale Emergency Exercise 2019

By Angus Wilson, Director, Aviation Services

ASP is actively involved in all aspects of the operations at the sites in which we operate. We strongly believe that the readiness for emergency events comes through constant training.

This September, The Greater Sudbury Airport Authority held a full-scale emergency exercise that ASP participated in to ensure the readiness of our team, should it be required in an event such as this one.

ASP Security Supervisor Michelle Rieux controlling access to the crash site at Gate 29.

The exercise consisted of a simulated plane crash on the YSB grounds involving a passenger aircraft and a small private plane. It involved all relevant emergency responders from Greater Sudbury Police, EMS, Fire and all “hands on deck” for the YSB Emergency Teams.

The exercise was a great success and assisted us in further developing protocols and internal training that will improve the service and emergency readiness that is delivered at YSB and all other aerodromes in which we operate.

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