Canine Trading Cards Get an Overhaul

By Noah Thompson, Senior Manager, Projects and Information Systems

Although it’s unclear where the origin of the rich history that is Canine Partner Trading Cards began, it is rumoured that it started in 1959 with the Launch of Sputnik 2.

When the famous Satellite launched it had a furry friend onboard dubbed “The Sputnik Dog” with the intent of testing the effects on a living organism in space. A cigarette company issued the famous Sputnik Dog trading card shortly after the launch. The trend “took off” and since then Trading Cards with our four-legged partners have been produced by Military, Police Forces, Security Teams and Therapy Dogs Companies around the world.

ASP carried on this tradition with the first edition cards in 2015 with a Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card inspired design featuring the signature ASP red and white. A true Canadian take on the long-lived tradition.

ASP is proud to announce that our cards are getting an overhaul. We have recently completed a photo shoot with our K9 Team and will be going to print with the new designs soon.

Ask your local ASP K9 Handler for their canine partners trading card in mid-summer 2020!!

Canine Trading Cards Get an Overhaul
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