Celebrating the Women at ASP

By Deborah (Debbie) Ciccotelli, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

International Women’s Day was on March 8th and I felt that our Spring newsletter was the perfect time to show our appreciation and celebrate the women within our ASP family.

The photos with this article highlight just a few of the many women and the various roles they play within the company.  As of last month, we had 1759 employees across the organization, of which 835 are female (almost 50%).  We have also seen an increase in the number of females in our management level positions; we currently have 1 V.P., 1 Director and 11 female front-line managers.

ASP values workplace diversity and gender equality, which is evident in the number of women in our organization and the varying roles they occupy, ranging from Canine Handler, Security Specialist, Customer Service Agent, Resource Planner, HR Administrator, Recruiter to Security Guards, which is extremely impressive in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Celebrating International Women’s Day is a great way to make our workplace and employment brand more inclusive.  With the support of many across the organization, we have created a collage of the many remarkable and talented women within ASP  and we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the contributions that they have made to the company and our business.  

As a woman and a member of the Senior Management Team, I am proud to work for a company that values gender diversity.  As a company and as individuals, we must continue to champion and promote workplace diversity and gender equality, not just because it is the fair and right thing to do, but because gender diversity has a positive impact on the success of the company.  According to McKinsey study, the most gender-diverse companies are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability.

Shannon Jacobson, ASP Supervisor

Shannon Jacobson is a security professional with over 20 years of experience, with five of those years spent at YYC Calgary International Airport.

Shannon Jacobson

She started her career at the airport as an access control officer and through hard work and dedication worked her way up to a Supervisor position with ASP Shannon is an incredibly caring and dedicated supervisor, who takes her responsibilities and the wellbeing of her team very seriously. Shannon loves working at the airport because she is a people person and enjoys the opportunity to interact with the public and provide the excellent level of customer service that we pride ourselves on at ASP

ASP Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) at YTZ

Our Team of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are responsible for providing top-shelf customer service at Billy Bishop Toronto City Center Airport (YTZ) in both the CBSA Customs Hall, as well as greeting departing passengers and various reporting.

Fanny, Beth and Katherine joined the BBTCA Team in late 2018. They have been an integral part in the BBTCA operations since ASP began providing services at that site.

Customer Service Representatives

Left to Right – CSRs Fanny Tran, Katherine Cruz and Beth Bay.

Michelle Rieux, Supervisor, ASP Security Team at YSB

Our security Team at YSB is led by Supervisor Michelle Rieux. Michelle joined ASP in November of 2018 and is responsible for operational oversight at the Greater Sudbury Airport (YSB).

Michelle Rieux

Michelle was one of the recipients of ASP’s CEO Award of Dedication, due to her unwavering dedication to the success of our client’s operation and to ASP as a whole.

Anissah Dia, Team Lead, CSR Team at YOW

Our Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Team at Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW) is responsible for delivering world-class customer service to arriving passengers at our nation’s capital.

Anissah Dia

Anissah Dia is our Team Lead at the site. Anissah joined ASP in January of 2018 and has been paramount in the success of that contract. Anissah is a strong leader and has been an extremely important part of ASP’s success at YOW.

Viktoriya Gondarchyna Airside Supervisor– Toronto Pearson

Viktoriya Gondarchyna started with ASP in November, 2016 as an access control guard.

Viktoriya Gondarchyna

Since then, she has demonstrated great enthusiasm and commitment.  Her motivation and enthusiasm earned her a lot of respect with her coworkers and the management. In July 2018, she was promoted to the role of Adhoc Coordinator.

In May 2019, she was promoted to the role of Airside Supervisor. ASP would like to express appreciation for all her hard work she has put in over the years. She continues to excel as an airside supervisor.

Nadan Rushmika, Terminal Supervisor– Toronto Pearson 

Nadan Rushmika’ s journey started with ASP on January 31, 2008.

Since then, she set an example with her commitment, hard work and excellence that she has demonstrated over the years working with ASP.

Nadan Rushmika

She stood out while performing her duties as a supervisor for ASP at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Within a short period of time, she was promoted to the supervisory role.  She was promoted to the role of terminal supervisor in April 2008.

She made a significant contribution as a supervisor. She always maintained a positive attitude in the face of challenging situations.
She took active part in assisting management not only operationally, but also assisted scheduling whenever her assistance was sought.  ASP would like to express appreciation for all her hard work she has put in over the years. She continues to excel as a terminal supervisor.

Celebrating Women in ASP!

Celebrating Women in ASP!

Top row, from left to right:
Alyssa Rizzo, Jasmine Khimany, Kasey Bremmer and Amika, Tamana Bhatia.

Middle row left:
Marianne Morales. Right: Lisa Marsan.

Bottom row, from left to right:
Maria Cristina Vibar, Karen Swanston, Kristina Pawlak.

Operational Service Representatives (OSRs) – Toronto Pearson


From left to right:

Cristina Siason, OSR Agent Since November 2016;

Sushana Lindo, HR Admin Since June 2017;

Jennie Bernard, OSR Agent Since November 2016;

Mina Khani, Training Coordinator Since April 2017;

Harprit Kaur, OSR Shift Manager – Since June 2017;

Vianna White,OSR Agent – Since November 2016.


From left to right:

Charbonneau, Heather, OSR Agent Since Nov 2017;

Erlinda Golecruz, OSR Agent Since October 2017;

Conteh, Asuma, OSR Agent September 2018;

Shu Wang, OSR Agent Since November 2016;

Mercy Capilli, OSR Agent Since November 2016;

Rohini Maharaj, OSR Agent – Since November 2016;

Sonia Borlagdan, OSR Agent Since November 2016.

Sonia Borlagdan,
Sonia Borlagdan,
 OSR Agent
 Since November 2016
Cordella Hyde
Cordella Hyde,
OSR Agent
 Since June 2018
Karen Mahabir,
Karen Mahabir,
OSR Agent
 Since November 2016
Devegee Rangasamy,
Devegee Rangasamy,
 OSR Agent
 Since November 2016

Canine Handlers

Emily Sutherland started in May 2015 as a K9 handler.  Her education in veterinarian-technology and police foundations made her a perfect fit for our K9 unit. Pictured with her dog Jordan, Emily was the first female K9 handler hired with ASP  Her strong leadership and independence are what makes the K9 team such a cohesive unit.


Katrina Strachurski joined ASP’s Commercial K9 Unit in March of 2019. Katrina and her four-legged partner Cody conduct EDD sweeps at some of our most crowded venues in downtown Toronto and are shining examples of why we have a “paw” up on the competition!!

Kacey Bremmer

Kacey Bremmer joined our “pack” in 2017 as a Handler in our Commercial K9 Unit. Kacey and her EDD partner Amika are responsible for keeping Toronto and its visitors safe at our city’s premier event venues.

Resource Planning Team

Anne Kumar
Gwen Simon
Tamara Juniper
Seemal Khurshid
Natasha Stephenson-Belle

Left to Right: Anne Kumar Gwen Simon, Tamara Juniper, Seemal Khurshid and Natasha Stephenson-Belle (Manager).

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