E-Learning is Coming!

By David Ramlagan, Training Coordinator, Aviation Security

E-Learning is Coming!

Although e-learning has existed for several years as an alternative to classroom learning, it is quickly becoming the new normal. For ASP, it is uncertain when classroom training will resume while social distancing considerations remain in place.

For large classes, it is likely that recertification programs will take place in a virtual classroom.  Many will welcome this change, due to the convenience of a more comfortable learning environment of your choice.  However, there is a misconception that online courses are an easier way to learn rather than a more convenient one.

You must dedicate your attendance, time, and concentration just as you would for a regular in-class course.  Security professionals are highly self-disciplined, and must be able to carry that quality into any environment they choose to learn in.

For those that are not tech-savvy, we can assist with connecting to an e-learning session or provide alternative learning methods. When learning in a virtual classroom, it is important that you have reliable internet access.  Connection issues during a live session means missing out on important content that you may be tested on.  It is also important to have a dedicated study space that is quiet and distraction-free.  Your attention to the instructor should be given just as much as it would be in the classroom.

We will keep you informed of updates regarding the development of our e-learning plan.  Keep safe and we’ll see you online!

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