New Technology at YYC

By Elizabeth Warwick, Operations Manager

The first few months of 2020 have brought some exciting changes to the type of technology used by the Calgary team. These new systems and devices make our lives easier and our work more efficient and effective.

InTime App

InTime App

The IVR system used by employees to punch in and out has been discontinued and replaced with the InTime app. We have also installed tablets around the terminal and at NPS-V North and NPS-V South to allow employees who do not have access to the app to punch in and out. So far, we have already seen an improvement in the experience employees have punching in and out on time.


The Sonim devices used by our Terminal Patrollers, Airside Patrollers and Supervisors to track their patrols and daily activities received an upgrade to the new XP8 model. The improved version is more reliable, durable, has a larger screen and can recharge faster than the former devices.

Standardized Incident Reports

Standardized Incident Reports

Another great addition to the technology used at YYC is the tool created by SOC Operator Durand Short. Each day, our SOC operators take many calls and are responsible for tracking incidents and events in the Calgary Airport Incident Reporting System (CAIRS).

Durand realized that many of the CAIRS reports they completed each day were very similar, with only the times and names of the individuals involved changing. As a result, he created an Excel spreadsheet that can automatically create a CAIRS report with the click of a few buttons. This saves valuable time for our SOC operators and ensures that all reports are accurate, consistent, and professional. Thank you, Durand!

Tracking Training and Credentials

We are also in the process of implementing a new way of tracking training and credentials in SharePoint, which will make it easier for us to ensure that all employees receive notification well in advance of their license and training expiration dates.

Although we have had small challenges to overcome with transitioning to the new technology used in Calgary, the team has adapted well to the changes and has become better as a result. We will continue to look for new ways that we can support the team with better technology in the days to come and are always open to suggestions. If you have a suggestion, please reach out to your supervisor or manager.

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