Stay Motivated and Beat Your Boredom

By Paul Parkinson, Director of Finance

Staying motivated can be tough, especially when falling back on familiar routines feels a whole lot easier.  Consider these tips to help stay motivated when it comes to health goals:

Stay connected to your why

Stay connected to your why
Vision boards can be powerful motivators, offering graphic images that help reconnect you with why you are investing energy and time into your goals in the first place.

Focus on one thing
When you have too many goals or too many items on your to-do list, it can feel overwhelming. That can sap your motivation to do anything at all. Focusing on one thing each day helps keep you focused and motivated.

Change your routine
Routines can get boring. When things get boring, motivation wanes. That is why it is hard to stick to the same meal plan week after week. It just gets old. Changing up your routine every month or so can help you maintain excitement about your goals. For example, changing the time of day you exercise or where you eat at lunch are easy ways to shift your momentum.

Monitor your progress

Monitor your progress
Whether you use an app or a sheet of paper, tracking your progress can serve as visual motivation. Monitoring helps us transform actions into habits.

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