De-Escalation Tips

By Mike Moledzki, Training Coordinator, Residential/Commercial Division

When dealing with difficult behavior:

Be empathetic: Do not judge; their reaction is showing their feelings on the subject.

Be respectful: Give them room. Do not encroach in their personal space.

Be clear in your communications, but mindful of the words you use; they can work against you.

Be calm and professional when responding to their behaviour; let them know you can help.

Be understanding. Their feelings could show you their true struggle.

Be a problem-solver. Do not add to the issue by adding your authority and enforcement or the rules.

Be respectful, with statements and limits; every choice they make may come with consequences.

Be confident, but flexible in direction of the rules, but not at the cost of safety or the site.

Be mindful of their reflection time on the subject. Decisions take time; do not make their decision for them

Be patient. Let them think; do not rush them into something that can cause issues later!

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