Employee Spotlight: Tamana Bhatia and Asad Abbas

By Tanya Gautam, Human Resources Administrator and Recruiter

With all going on in the world, I’d like to step back and focus on some positivity in our RES/CIC Division.

As challenges continue to arise across all avenues of our business, our team continues to rise above it all and push forward. I’d like to point out two of our amazing team members in particular.

First off, our Administrator, Tamana Bhatia. Tamana has been with ASP since August 2018. She started as a front-line guard supporting our commercial business. Tamana quickly showed her value and worth, through her dedication to ASP and the many extra hours she put in to keep the operation running. By December 2019, Tamana was such a valued asset that it was an easy choice to bring her aboard the administrative side to support not only the front of the house, but the back end as well.

Today, Tamana has helped evolve the day-to-day administrative duties with our Crossing Guard contract, Respite contract, and all back-end support that we could not do without her. She has been a valuable team member and her behind-the-scenes efforts are truly a support to all of us here at RES/CIC.

We all appreciate and thank you Tamana! Keep up the wonderful work!

Secondly, our Service Delivery Manager, Asad Abbas. Asad has been with ASP since May 2016. He has been a rock for the entire RES/CIC team and especially for me. Asad’s work ethic is second to none. Between many long days in the office, on the road, and from home, Asad continues to plow through all challenges he faces, always achieving positive results regardless of how difficult those challenges may be. His loyalty to ASP and the team shines in his day-to-day efforts, whether it be with our front-line guards asking for professional or personal support from him, or the office team leaning on him for his subject matter expertise in all facets of the business.

To know you can confidently get an answer or an update or just good old fashion hands-on help with something through a simple ask is all a friend or colleague could ask for. Asad is just that guy!

For this reason, I wanted to share my thank you and appreciation for all he does for our team seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

From all of us in RES/CIC, we thank you Asad! I’d say keep up the good work, but I know don’t need to!

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