Team Player: Kevin Ravindran

By Asad Abbas, RES/CIC Service Delivery Manager

Having good employees make or break a company’s success. Everyone is an employee, even leaders. Most importantly, being a great employee means being a team player. We have so many talented, hard-working team players who are helping us to strive for greatness.

I want to take this opportunity to recognize a member of our team who has been amazing and always goes above and beyond to perform his duties. Kevin Ravindran is not only a team player, who always strive for the betterment of his team, but is also a good leader on site and takes it upon himself to make sure he and his team do their job well.

Kevin Ravindran, Supervisor, Toronto Pan Am Centre

Kevin Ravindran is working as the Supervisor of Toronto Pan Am Centre within ASP Security. He joined ASP in January, 2016 as a guard. He worked very hard and he is always willing to learn more. He was promoted to Supervisor position in October, 2018. He has more than four years of security experience.

At the time when he was promoted, we had challenges related to meeting and exceeding clients’ requirements. Kevin worked very hard and has shown great leadership and dependability for the past one and half years, with praise from both his coworkers and client. He is instrumental in training new guards and implementing new policies on site. He is always willing to go extra mile in protecting ASP’s interest and reputation by helping his team and fulfilling the client’s expectation. He is a very important member of our ASP family and I wish him best of luck!

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