ASP Employees: Everyday Superheroes

By David Ramlagan, Training Coordinator, Aviation Security

Our clients, whether they are airport authorities or property/project managers, are people who we instinctively view in a high regard. We have all seen them around the job site from time to time and are very aware of when the “boss” is around.

Clients are viewed as leader figures who can answer our questions and provide support when needed. However, when disasters with tragic consequences occur and questions cannot be answered, our clients look to you to lead the way.

We have been inadvertently thrusted into the spotlight during this pandemic. Airport access points seem to be moving towards the front-of-house, where we must deal with more people and enforce stricter measures. You have been shifted out of your comfort zone and are working tirelessly to ensure this virus does not take any more lives.

Our clients are noticing your efforts. The spotlight is on you and your actions will be remembered for a very long time.

The definition of the word “Guardian” means to keep safe from harm or danger; protect; watch over. You might look at yourself as just another employee, but these are things that many pray for during times of distress. As a Guard, this definition also describes the natural qualities you carry, and an underlying reason why you chose the security field.

Protocols can fail during a crisis. But your ability to quickly adapt, keep the flow of information open, and restore a sense of order and safety reminds our clients of how vital you are. I have always considered each ASP employee an everyday superhero, but your response to COVID-19 now has many others thinking the same.

Syed Alvi positioned at a new front-of-house location at Toronto Pearson

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