Above and Beyond…

By Vince Bozzo, Director of Operations, Aviation Division

What an extraordinary team! On August 9, 2020, we received a wonderful note from our partners at Toronto Pearson International Airport, expressing their gratitude for an OSR team that truly went above and beyond!

A passenger arrived from Greece and collapsed at the bottom of the escalator leading into Terminal 1 Customs Hall. Without hesitation, Emirates crew jumped into action. After finding no vital signs, they started CPR compressions, while switching teams and supporting each other in counts and procedures.

At the same time, OSR Manager Harprit Kaur grabbed a defibrillator from the PIL (Primary Inspection Line), which was used to administer a shock. Once the EMS team arrived, they took over the situation. The passenger was revived and transported to the hospital with vital signs. Thanks to amazing teamwork and quick reaction, this passenger’s life was saved!

Thank you to Harprit and our fantastic OSR team members who supported her that day.

Harprit Kaur, OSR Manager

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