Two Words of Gratitude

By Dean Lovric, President and CEO

Thank you!  The preceding two words can never capture my true gratitude for the men and women at ASP Security Services and their journey over this past unimaginable year.

The strength of character so many of you showed in remaining on the front lines and continuing to provide the critical service our clients depend on, has been monumental. I have been touched by your wherewithal and mostly by the trust you showed towards your colleagues and your leadership teams.  Throughout this difficult time, a special bond has been created amongst us. That bond of camaraderie and devotion has resulted in highlighting all your dedication to ASP and to each other. This is one of the many reasons I am so very proud of all our committed professionals. So again, and I emphasize…

ASP has a rich tradition of support and flexibility towards its workforce and a deep dedication to our clients. For the past 20years, I have been constantly impressed with the impact our employees have on each other and our clients. Collectively, during 2020, I believe our entire team at ASP reached a miraculous accomplishment. Through your hard work and dedication, our business demonstrated its core values of integrity, honesty, transparency, accountability and support of diversity all through our response to the trials and tribulations of COVID and the effect it has had on our clients and company. We are one of the few organizations fortunate enough to experience this positive dynamic during these difficult times. For this, I am grateful.

In a strange way, I found that the COVID pandemic had a serendipitous effect on all of us during this muted 20th anniversary of A.S.P. Inc. It proved to us that we are doing the right things and behaving in a way that demonstrated the true character of this business, which incorporated in 2000. We may not have had an elaborate celebration to commemorate our 20th this year, but we did receive this special and intangible gift of proof of character we can all take pride in equally.

So, as we bring 2020 to a close, we can confidently say that the end to COVID is in sight. Airports, airlines and sports facilities will once again become busy and we will most certainly continue to provide exceptional service to these and all our clients.

For all our employees with whom we have not had the opportunity to celebrate our milestone with, I will commit a ‘ASP DAY’ at Canada’s Wonderland in late 2021, which will include a private dinner, full day at the park and a exclusive use of the rides to ASP employees and family once the park closes. This day will commemorate our 20th and celebrate those who are most important to the success of the business………you, our front-line workers.

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