X-Guard Admin Tool

By Noah Thompson, Senior Manager, Special Projects & Information Systems

In September of last year, ASP launched a proprietary mobile application, “X-Guard”.

Currently in use with our Crossing Guard Operations Team, X-Guard features a full host of scheduling and mapping tools to assist our front-line team with shift check-ins and our admin staff to ensure our team is on site each day to ensure the children of Toronto get to school safely.

We have recently embarked on an overhaul of our admin tool that will provide more intuitive and functional feature sets within the system. The updated tool will provide our admin staff an opportunity to manage our front-line team even more efficiently.

The overhauled admin tool will also be available on the client side of the application and will feature a whole new look and feel, offering an improved user experience to our valued customers.

The new tool is currently in testing and set to release in January 2020.

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