ASP Internal Ticketing

By Noah Thompson, Senior Manager – Projects and Information Systems

As new technology is introduced the need for support increases as well. ASP has launched an internal ticketing system to support our evergrowing IT infrastructure. Support requests for anything related to the Intranet or IT Systems Support should be done through this function. Some of the support requests may include but are not limited to,

  1. New Page or List Creation (Help)
  2. Permission or Access Assistance
  3. Site Links and Webpart Creation
  4. Library Structure and Content Building
  5. News and Events Help
  6. Systems not functioning properly
  7. General Support

To submit a support request, navigate to the Projects and Information Systems page. Scroll down to the “Need Support” Heading and follow the on screen instructions. Automated emails will be generated to advise you of the status of your support requests.

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