Aviation Update

By Angus Wilson, Director, Aviation

We are a quarter of the way through 2021 and we are beginning to see a change in operations as we plan and prepare for our borders potentially opening up later this year. Below is a focus on activity we have had in each of our operations:

Pearson Airport Security

  • We are supporting the GTAA with the mandatory COVID-19 testing for International arriving passengers and mandatory hotel quarantine, where we are providing over 60 employees daily.
  • We are proud to play a role in Toronto Pearson being awarded the “Best large airport in North America” for the fourth year in a row and also receiving a new award for “Best hygiene measures in North America.”
  • The new virtual recertification program has been rolled out at the beginning of this year, with the portion of the program being put on our LMS Ispring we are now able to recertify our employees while complying with the current covid restriction.
  • We are beginning to roll out our SRA app which is the mobile app for booking of additional guards for specific projects – this provides efficiency in our operations and our response to our clients as well as reducing our carbon footprint.

Calgary Airport Security

  • New process for temperature screening at NPS points – wristbands issued to employees to eliminate the need to be temperature screened repeatedly during shift
  • We conducted Training classes for SOC and New Hires
  • ASP personnel now have dedicated Lunchroom
  • Additional Terminal Patrollers have been brought in to assist with COVID quarantine requirements
  • We have implemented the ASP intranet along with the new training credential tracker to better report to our clients
  • Human Resources implemented Bamboo autoreminders for licenses and credentials – employees now receive reminders directly to their personal emails

Sudbury Airport Security

  • We have developed some bespoke technology in enhancing our service delivery to Sudbury Airport by creating an Electronic Aircraft parking app. This app will eliminate the need for manual reports and will make for more efficient reporting to our client.
  • As we are going through some contractual changes in the operation due to the effects of COVID-19. Many of our staff have gone above and beyond in their support to not only to ASP but also to Greater Sudbury Airport. Simon Duchesne and Larry Duvall who are constantly are willing to support the operation and regularly make themselves available to support the operation.

Thank you from all of us at ASP.

“we are beginning to see a change in operations as we plan and prepare for our borders to open later this year”

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