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By Natasha Stephenson-Belle , Resource Planning

As we navigate through COVID-19 as a company we have seen changes to the contracts that we support. Hours are decreasing in some areas, and in other areas demands for our services are drastically increasing. COVID-19 has also brought us a tremendous amount of new work involving screening, respite shelters, arrivals testing and the list goes on. With all this change due to the pandemic, understandably so, all these new demands were pushed on us very abruptly, with little notice.

We want our ASP family to understand that each call we receive is very important to us. There is not a call that is more valuable than another. In fact, our team cannot see who is waiting in the queue to speak with us. Our calls are routed by first call initiated to scheduling. This includes if our CEO, Dean were to call our scheduling line. He would have to wait just like everyone else for the next available scheduler. We treat every call with the same importance and do not want anyone to feel like they are being ignored because of extended wait times.

To help alleviate the current hold times you might be experiencing, our Resource Planning team wanted to share a few tips that could help you save time when contacting us. We also wanted to provide you with more insight on the contracts that we support daily. We acknowledge the wait time to speak with scheduling has increased due ¬to the recent staffing spikes and are working diligently to shorten the wait times. To help alleviate and manage these wait times, we are asking you to be prepared when calling scheduling.

Start the conversation off by letting us know your first and last name and the area and/or contract you typically work for with ASP. This helps us to zero in on the location you are more than likely going to need assistance in regard to your schedule. Currently, our team of schedulers support the following areas within ASP:

  • Sudbury Airport – Aviation Security Services
  • Pearson Airport – Aviation, Customer Service, & K9 services
  • Commercial – Respite, TTC, Union Station, K9 Services, and much more
  • Residential – Condominiums across the GTA
  • Crossing guards – Over 310 locations across the GTA per day
  • Billy Bishop Airport – Aviation Customer Service
  • Ottawa Airport – Aviation Customer Service
  • Calgary, Alberta – Aviation Security Services

Follow up with your ASP employee ID. Your employee ID is 4 digits in length and is probably the most valuable information you could give us as it makes for a quick and exact search in our system. You would be surprised with the number of employees who have the exact same name.

Most of the contracts we schedule for have all our available shifts posted on the inTime portal. We encourage everyone to review the available posted shifts and sign up for the shifts that fit your availability. This saves time for you and our team if you come prepared to discuss picking up shifts you see available. These shifts will list the start and end times, location, and date. This could be a great tool for you to use if you would like to build a schedule, or even if you are looking to pick up additional shifts.

Here is a sample of what we are hoping you could help us with:

Scheduler: ASP Scheduling, how may I help you?

Front Line Employee: Hi, I’m a Respite protection guard. My name is Amy Jones, employee ID: 5987

Scheduler: One moment while I pull up your file….How may I help you?

Front Line Employee: I saw a few shifts on the portal that I signed up for. Could you let me know if I can have those shifts assigned to me please?

We value and appreciate how flexible our front-line employees have been with the changing demands from our clients. It is because of you that we are able to deliver on our staffing requirements on a daily basis. We will continue to need to work together in the spirit of our ASP family philosophy in order to be successful.

Help Us Help you! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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