Referring Employees FAQ

By Sean Gallagher, HR Recruitment Manager

The recruitment team appreciates the effort from everyone throughout the A.S.P. Incorporated organization who have been trying to refer qualified candidates to our growing company. For 2020, we received over 60 referrals from current employees and 40 referral bonuses have already paid out. The additional bonuses will be paid when the referred employees complete their 3 months of probation.

We are asked questions about how to refer candidates and what we are looking for. We are always looking for referrals. Here’s what you should know:

1. How do I refer a friend for a position with A.S.P. Incorporated?

A: There are a few different ways you can do this, the first being giving them the “refer a friend” cards that are available from any ASP recruiter and writing your name on the back. The second choice is to ask your referral to forward their resume to Please make sure they put your name on the e-mail or you can send their resume to us. The last one is to have your referral visit where they can click on “current opportunities” and apply for any position they feel they are qualified for and they can add your name under “How Did You Hear About This Position?”.

2. I have referred someone, and they were hired, when and how do I receive my referral bonus?

A: Good question! If your referral was hired, they now have to attend training and work with us for 90 days consecutively. As soon as your referral hits their 90 days, Sean Gallagher, the Recruitment Manager, gets a notice and informs Accounting as to pay it out. You would then receive the bonus on your next paystub.

3. My referral wasn’t interviewed or selected; did I do something wrong in the process?

We receive hundreds of referrals over the year which is amazing, but a good number that don’t qualify for the positions they apply for. Don’t get me wrong, we do offer other positions if we feel they are a fit them but sometimes it doesn’t work out.

I would suggest this rule of thumb:

Crossing Guard:

  • Outgoing personality!
  • Ability to travel throughout North York and/or Etobicoke
  • Availability for Monday-Friday 7am- 4pm weekly.

Access Control or TTC Screeners:

  • Customer service experience
  • Entry level security experience (valid Security license)
  • 3-4 days of open availability
  • Ability to work consistently overnights preferred


We get a lot of interest in these positions, they require:

  • 2-5 years of Tactical Security experience
  • Supervisory background/experience
  • Ability to work 12-hour shifts

We appreciate and review all referrals brought forward by our employees, and we try our best to find a fit in our company that matches each level of experience.

We encourage those who aren’t selected to try again in 6 months, and we will definitely re-evaluate at that time. Simply have them re-apply and have them add your name again.

NOTE: If you are looking for a Supervisor position because it is labeled as a NOC B job, Specialists and Mobile positions have Supervisory tasks and duties so they would qualify

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