YSB Operations

By Karim Khamisa, YSB Site Manager

Geetings from the ASP team in Northern Ontario! Contrary to the common misconception that it’s always Christmas in Sudbury – YSB operations have in fact been heating up with lots of wins in Q1.

Superhero Spotlight

He may not be Ironman, Captain America or any other Marvel superhero… but Tyler Hilderbrandt is absolutely an ASP superhero! Over the past several months, Tyler (Lead Guard) has stepped up in a huge way to support airport security operations. He regularly interfaces with the client, has gone above and beyond for passengers, and most importantly plays a critical role in assisting various airport employees with their airport-related credentials via the pass control office. Tyler has been nothing short of exceptional and ASP is fortunate to have a self-initiated team player on its roster. Thank you Tyler!

Operations Update

Several projects were undertaken and successfully executed by the site operations team, client support team and senior leadership team during Q1 of 2021.

A revamp of post orders and standard operating procedures have been completed successfully in partnership with the client (Greater Sudbury Airport).

A blitz on updating all credentials and certifications for the guard team was initiated early this year with a 98% completion rate to date.

The site operations team also worked alongside the information systems team to roll out a new digital application platform monitors aircraft parking for the airport and assists the client with revenue generation and long-term financial sustainability for the business.

Overall, Q1 of 2021 has been exceptionally busy as well as exciting for YSB operations – we look forward to a successful Q2!

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