Open Door Policy

By Cliff Sampogna, Director Operations RES/CIC

I have had the pleasure to be with ASP Security for more than 6 years. Over this time, I have watched this organization grow immensely from our modest roots to the large company we are today.

Sometimes, when companies go through this type of growth, they forget how they got to this point. It is important to note that we are where we are today in this industry because of our dedicated employees who believe in our company culture and vision.

As I reflect on the last 6 years, I am always proud of the fact that no one within the ASP family has forgotten about our humble roots and continue to live and breathe the company’s vision as we continue to move forward.

Part of this process is that we always have an open-door policy for all our family in the field, especially during the unprecedented times due to COVID-19. It is extremely important that we are always available to our people out in the field so that they continually have the highest level of support when needed.

Without the dedication of our employees, we would not have the opportunity to grow and continue doing what we love.

I wanted to remind everyone that we have a full open-door policy and if there is a time that you would like to speak to your manager or would like to provide us with any feedback, ideas on how we can be better or even just want to talk, you can call us anytime. I look forward to having many more conversations with all of you in the future. 

“ we always have an open-door policy for all our family in the field”

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