Payroll Corner

By Paul Parkinson, Director - Finance

Reminder that if you wish to have your vacation accrual paid outside of the regular May and November payout, your request must be made by no later than the Friday before the payday. Just send an email to This is so the team has enough time to get it processed along with the regular pay. If your request is after this cut-off, then it will be processed on the following pay.

To better serve the employees and avoid potential payroll errors, we ask employees to check their online portal to ensure that the hours worked are properly reflected in the scheduling system. If you see something wrong, bring it up to your supervisor or manager immediately. Getting this fixed before payroll starts processing will avoid the need to rerun your pay stub and prevent frustration.

When you started working for ASP you should have received a welcome email or package explaining how to access the portal. If you do have an error in the number of hours you were paid, you will need to reach out to your supervisor or manager to discuss so they can get the correction made.

“ we ask employees to check their online portal ensure the hours worked are properly reflected”

Every pay the payroll team processes over 1,300 pay cheques. At our peak before COVID they were processing more than 1,600 pay cheques. Wow! Thank you, Sherrie and Yemisi.

We would like to hear from you: If you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you or improve our delivery to you, please send an email to

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