RES – CIC Training

By Bryan Joly, Training Manager

The RES CIC Training Department hosted their Use of Force training for the Recruitment Team. Training Coordinators Mike Moledzki and Ryan Durkin put the Recruitnent Team through their entire Use of Force Training Program. The training focused on
the Criminal Code and how to manage resistive behaviour. There was also a physical portion of the training which included takedowns, handcuffing, and baton training.

The purpose of this was to give Recruitment a full understanding of the training process for our Respite, and Union Station Guards. Sonika Ramachandran, of the Recruitment team, enjoyed every minute of the training. “The training was extremely comprehensive and gave me a much deeper understanding of exactly what our guards have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I have a great appreciation for our guards and the security industry as a whole”.

RES/CIC will be hosting another session in the coming weeks for our Human Resources team.

“The purpose of this was to give recruitment a full understanding of the tranining process for our respite, and Union Station Guards.”

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