YYC Update

By Matthew Szajkwoski, Operations Manager

I want to start with thanking the entire ASP team at YYC for doing a such a great job over the last quarter. The last year and a half has been difficult on everyone but thankfully we are reaching a point where vaccines are rolling out and restrictions are being eased. Although Covid-19 will likely be with us for a long-time, it is exciting to slowly return to a normal life. A life without restrictions and one where we can socialize and be with friends and family – and eventually start travelling again!

The ASP team at YYC has done a fantastic job during this pandemic and I fully expect this to continue in post-pandemic times. As travel restrictions start to ease, we should start to see an increase in flights and traffic at all airports, including YYC. This is where I expect this team to continue building on the progress we have made so far and make this team, and the operation, even better. If we succeeded during these tough times, there is no reason why we can’t thrive during the good times.

Over the last few months, we have seen changes to several procedures here at YYC (including SOC in our daily Terminal Patroller meeting, increasing supervisor and management post visits, having Terminal Patrollers assist posts during peak times, etc.). As a result, we have seen a positive trend in our overall performance and the client is very happy with our progress. This is the success we need to continue to build on. We have momentum in our favour right now, let’s use it to really stand out and show everyone what the ASP team at YYC in really capable of.

“The YYC has done a fantastic job during this pandemic”

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