Diversity and Inclusion Religious Events

By Sarah Jessop, Secretary for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee (She/Her)

At ASP, we value and recognize the diverse religious beliefs of our employees. The world is rich in diversity and so is our workforce, which is reflected in the observances celebrated by its various cultures. Knowledge of the following diversity holidays and celebrations can enhance our workplace diversity and inclusion efforts. Throughout the months of July, August and September 2021 a variety of religious holidays, festivals, observances, and spiritual commemorations took place. These events were celebrated and observed by many of us, so it is important that we recognize and respect each and every one of them. We have compiled a list below of the many important religious events that took place throughout the last few months. We encourage you to review this list to learn more about some of the significant celebrations and observances that are meaningful to your colleagues and friends. Let’s celebrate diversity, together.

July 2021

  • July 9 – Baha’i: Martyrdom of the Bab – commemorates the execution of the co-founder of the Baha’i faith, the Bab
  • July 17 -22 – Islamic: The Hajj – annual pilgrimage that all Muslims must make to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once
  • July 18 – Jewish: Tisha B’Av – this holiday commemorates the destruction of the Jewish temple in both 586 BCE and 70 CE in Jerusalem
  • July 19 – 23 – Islamic: Eid al-Adha – a Muslim celebration marking the end of the Hajj pilgrimage
  • July 23 – Rastafarian: Birthday of Haile Selassie – celebrates Emperor Haile Selassie, who was believed to be the incarnation of God

August 2021

  • August 1 – Pagan and Wiccan: Lughnasadh – festival marking the beginning of the harvest season
  • August 10 – Islamic: Islamic New Year – Also called Hijiri, this day marks the beginning of the Islamic lunar calendar and begins at the sighting of the crescent moon
  • August 15 – Roman Catholic: Feast of the Assumption – a holy day that commemorates the Virgin Mary’s bodily ascension to Heaven
  • August 30 – Hindu: Krishna Janmashtami – an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu.

September 2021

  • September 4 – 11 – Jain: Paryushana – the most important Jain religious observance, this festival is about forgiveness, with “paryushana” meaning “abiding” or “coming together”
  • September 6 – 8 – Jewish: Rosh Hashanah – celebration of the Jewish New Year that begins at sundown and brings upon a period of reflection for the past year and year to come
  • September 11 – Coptic Orthodox Christian: Nayrouz (Coptic New Year) – a feast day when both martyrs and confessors are commemorated in the church
  • September 16 – Jewish: Yom Kippur – the day of atonement in Judaism where individuals reflect on their sins and seek forgiveness from God
  • September 21 -27 – Jewish: Sukkot – A day that commemorates the years that the Jews journeyed to the desert on their way to the promised land
  • September 20 – October 6 – Hindu: Pitru Paksha – 16-day period when Hindus pay homage to their ancestors
  • September 21 – Pagan and Wiccan: Mabon – the Autumnal equinox
  • September 28 – Islamic: Arbaeen – A day of religious observance that marks the end of the 40- day mourning period following the Day of Ashura

Do you feel we have missed anything? Let us know! Contact our Diversity and Inclusion committee at inclusive@security-asp.com

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