New Training about to Fall

By Daniel McCormack, Training Coordinator

Hello ASP! Welcome to the Autumn edition! YYC has been ramping up a lot over the summer; things are re-opening, volume is increasing and as such, so is our workload. The feedback from the client has been positive on our continued dedication to getting the job done. One way that we are executing this is through new training that will continue to further hone our skills.

The staff at YYC have been especially aware of the changes made to training over the last year, which has received extremely positive review from the staff (a 4.8/5 average on iSpring!) and it is just the first step on the track to continue to raise the bar.

One of the major changes this quarter came in the form of a new daily post inspection — staff here have made note that they appreciate the increased interaction with the supervisors. It includes a random question near the end of the inspection which is generally themed toward the most recent operational information that we have received. The response from staff is that they appreciate the new snippets of information that help them do the job better. It’s been helping to ensure that everyone has all the information.

“We have been expanding the training to include de-escalation training, breach response and we are moving towards more in-depth security theory across all the roles we have in Calgary.”

Some of the in-class training has been put on hold due to COVID restrictions, but with the positive outlook on vaccination rates across the staff, and across the country, we are all optimistic that in person training will be able to resume soon. Some of the training cued for staff include patrol theory and incident response. I know I’m excited to deliver the new training! Until next time, take care of yourselves!

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