RES/CIC Employee Spotlight – Ozan Kaya Questions

By Rikki Ellul, Service Delivery Coordinator

“Ozan Kaya is one of our many great Respite Supervisors who was recently recognized by the Toronto Police Services for his excellent and professional assistance in making an arrest at one of our Respite locations. Ozan has been working respites with ASP since August 2020 and his great efforts do not go unnoticed. He is a hard worker who is constantly looking for growth and provides excellent support to his team and ASP. Ozan was awarded an ASP Certificate of Appreciation for his constant hard work and ability to lead his team with confidence and success.

We look forward to continuing watching Ozan’s journey with us!”

1. If you could give new employees any advice, what would it be?

A: My biggest recommendation for new employees would be to utilize your surroundings, whether that be the ASP management team, your onsite supervisor or your coworkers, someone will always know something you didn’t and use that knowledge you gain from them to your advantage.

2. Why is teamwork important to you and how do you ensure your team always works together?

A: Teamwork gives you the confidence in knowing that not only will the job you do be more enjoyable but also more efficient. On my team when we have free time, we rarely spend it on our phones but instead tell each other stories of who we are, what we have done and the things we have seen. Building comradery is essential when you are with someone for 12 hours every day, and want to build friendships.

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