The New Faces of ASP Recruitment!

By Sean Gallagher, Recruitment Manager

ASP has done a lot of growing in the past year, especially in our Recruitment department. We’ve expanded our department to ensure each division of ASP gets the attention it needs to bring in qualified new talent.

Here is a guide to our new and ever-growing team to help in case you’re looking to expand and grow in the company or have a friend you’d like to refer.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment Manager

The team is spearheaded by Sean Gallagher, who shares his nearly a decade of ASP experience to guide the team and his expansive security experience. Feel free to reach out to him for any referral bonus payouts, canine handler positions, and office postings at sgallagher@aspsecurity


Assistant Recruitment Manager

Reach out for any promotional opportunities and any general inquiries for the Residential/Commercial division at kwalters@aspsecurity

HR RES/CIC Recruiter

HR RES/CIC Recruiter

Both Jason and Mohamed bring in a mix of a background in recruitment as well as security and can guide you or your referrals through the ASP process smoothly. Reach out to Mohamed and Jason for any Residential, Commercial, or Specialist roles at and

For any crossing guard or orientation inquiries, please reach out to



Nadia, one of the team’s most experienced Recruiters, can assist with any of the following roles: Calgary Airport, Billy Bishop Airport, Ottawa Airport, Sudbury Airport, TPIA Specialists, Operational Support Reps, and Aviation Supervisor roles and can be contacted at


Tasiyah, coming from the residential/commercial side to aviation can assist with TPIA Access Control Security positions and any questions you may have regarding Transport Canada Clearance forms at


Amina is another invaluable member of the team and can support you with any inquiries regarding Transport Canada Application and RAIC form signing for Toronto Pearson Airport (TPIA) at

We’re very excited to welcome our new recruitment team members to ASP! Any further questions can be sent to and we’ll get you connected to the right person!

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