Accounting Updates

By Paul Parkinson, Director of Finance

With each change of the calendar year, it’s commonplace to remember all that has occurred the past year and to look forward for the coming year. I feel it’s important to recognize the accounting team. We had 2 new additions in 2021. Melissa Shehadeh has joined the team as an Accountant focussing on accounts receivable A/R collections and invoicing. She has started with her feet running without a chance to tie her shoes! Paige Piercy is the other addition to the team. She is part of the payroll team in processing payroll and records of employment for the over 1,800 staff. Together they join Sherrie Storimans, Giselle Lopes and Yemisi Joshua. This has been a challenging year for all members and all facets of the accounting department responsibilities. The team has risen to the challenge putting in late hours and weekends to ensure the highest satisfaction level for our customers and employees alike while always responding within our 24-hour rule. For 2022, we will continue the path to excellence and look forward to working alongside the other departments to improve system integrations and finding efficiencies which will benefit all. To all our readers, please take care of yourself, your family, and your colleagues.

To the team I say, THANK YOU! Your work ethic and autonomy has made me proud

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